After today’s exercise: assignment, references, reminder

Today’s discussion was really interesting and I just want to leave some trace:

  • We discussed the 20 theses from Ken Plummer’s book. Now your task is to pick one of the aphorisms from the appendix and learn it’s context (the author, the work cited, the theoretical background) and prepare yourself to speak about it in class: whether you agree, why/why not, why do you find it interesting, is it useful at all to think about the social or society. We will work on that on Nov 3 – after the holiday break the next week. Please write down (click below) your selection – so we don’t repeat ourselves.
  • I briefly referred to two texts:
  • I  referred to the work of Paweł Althamer, entitled Common Task. Try to think about this as a reverse sociology.
  • Do not forget to be reading our main text for Nov 10: details here.